Services & Pricing



Just want us to tell you the best options for your company on social media? Why not plan in a consultation? We will look at all the things you wish to do for your company. Give you advise how to do it and how to get the most out of every post you create on social media platforms. Need help and advice to get higher in Google search? We can tell you all about it. Sent us a mail at and we get you started right away.


Price: €75 for full consultation


Social Media Training & Courses

We offer the best trainings and courses for your company. We will teach you and everybody from your company how Social media works, the best tools to use and how to approach your customers in the best way. We will of course provide our knowledge and give you the very best advise so you can start expanding your horizon.



Price for full course (2 hours up to 10 people) €95 p.p.

Social Meda Management

We tailor the best solution for you and your customers and handle your full social media portfolio. From daily posts on all social media platforms you desire, fast respond times to questions from customers, ad campaigns and Higher rank in google search and other search engines. We can do this as long as you wish from just a week to nonstop. Depending on your needs we will give you the very best offer. Sent us an email to with your request and start boosting your social media experience.